Set up your business

Before adding the booking form to your webpage, you need set up your business by adding your locations, services and providers.

1. Add a location

Under WP Admin > BookingRobin > Locations tab, click Add New to add a location. Enter location information. You must create at least one location. 

2. Add a Provider

Under WP Admin > BookingRobin > Providers tab, click Add New to add a Provider.

Add provider detail info, and add provider's work schedules on each location.

For more details on how to set up your providers, please check this documentation.

3. Add a Service

Under WP Admin > BookingRobin > Services tab, click Add New to add a service.

Input service title, length, price and other info. 

Select all applicable locations and providers for your service.

For more info on how to set up your services, check this  documentation.

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